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Day 6 at the CIFF

Back to the 4 a day routine after yesterday’ s slip up. What satisfies me the most is that I have moved a step higher, from preacher to practicer. Yes those were metaphors for me watching all the films I have recco’d . Here is the link if you haven’t seen it.

 Club Sandwich

club sandwich

Fernando Eimbcke’s coming-of-age tales are one in a million, nobody else can make em like him. His films about teenagers are filled with intimacy and attention to detail is near perfection that it makes your turn around because it reminds you of all the things you might have done as a teenager. His latest outing, Club Sandwich is another pea from the same pod. It is filled with you-miss-if-you-blink kind of funny scenes and the humour comes from the unsaid rather than whatever is said. It turns from a comedy to a raw portrait of learning to grow up and mature.

What they don’t talk about when they talk about love

what they don't talk about when they don't talk about love

Your first encounter with love is something you will always remember even if you forget the ones that come after. Love at first sight told through the eyes of blind teenagers is a remarkable challenge. Mouly Surya’s What they don’t talk about when they talk about love’ is a film with a too long title and some brilliant set pieces. When love stories about visually impaired people are made, they usually resort to a tear-jerker. But that is exactly what WTDTAWTTAL never reverts too.In the end, it is a moving cinematic and music composition that wobbles towards a perfect ending.



This tale of failed manhood is driven entirely by only one character, Parviz. This titular character played by Levon Haftman gives us a performance you would have ever seen. The film goes about telling us this tale of this one colourful character and going deep into the mind of this unconventional human being. It is not the plot that catches the eye but how the director goes about telling this tale. Majid Barzegar’s Parviz is a psychological drama featuring some amazing characters and some even better filmmaking that will make your jaw drop.

Night Market Hero

Night market Hero

This film was part of the Taiwanese retrospective at the CIFF. Frankly speaking, I have never seen a Taiwanese film before this one. And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Night Market Hero, directed by Tien-Lun Yeh is a celebration of the Taiwanese culture and it has it’s heart in the right place. It is set in a fictional market place. From what i have read, these markets are seen in a lot of films from Taiwan. These markets are supposed to be bustling with energy and the same energy is seen in this film also. But unfortunately, this energy wears off once the plot thickens. In a film like this where the Market is a central character, the energy is needed and that is why the film does’t work. From what I have heard, the streets of Taipei can be wandered around for hours together. But this film doesn’t do justice to this fact. It does not work as a cinematic substitute for what i have stated above.

6 Days up. Here are Day 1,2,3,4 and 5.


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